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Mind Body Coaching

Has the joy gone from your life? Do you struggle to hold it together?

It might show as eating too much or drinking too much alcohol. Your energy levels are just low or you are super anxious all the time, and it doesn’t matter what you do, you never really feel yourself.

If that sounds like you, Mind Body Coaching could be just what you need.  The problem is, in today’s life, we too often lose the connection between our Mind and our Body.

In Mind-Body Coaching we focus on improving the connection between the body and the mind (and the spirit)

Mind-Body Coaching has a number of key aspects:

Stress Reduction

Stress is the number one contributor to all health problems – physically, mentally and emotionally. As part of the journey to better health, we teach you effective stress reduction techniques that can include breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. It can also include the use of herbs or nutritional supplements that optimise how your body adapts to stress.

Integrative Approach

Mind-Body Coaching is based on the fact that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can have a direct impact on our physical health and vice versa. In Mind-Body Coaching we help you to understand how your mental and emotional state may impact not only your physical wellbeing but also your quality of life.

Awareness and Mindfulness

Only if we are aware of how we feel are we able to do something about it. A big part of Mind Body Coaching is practicing to notice your emotions and the effect they have on your mind and boy.

Goal Setting and Lifestyle changes

We use a unique process to allow clients to set their specific goals. The emphasis is on identifying areas that need improvement, exploring your values and then formulating goals that are in line with your values.

mind body coaching
Solution Based Approach

Whilst we identify the problems and underlying reasons impacting on your quality of life, we focus on where you want to be and how you want to feel and how to get there.

Emotional Regulation

We all have emotions, as part of Mind-Body Coaching you learn techniques how to acknowledge and to cope with them in productive ways so that you can more easily handle challenging situations.

Mindful Movement and Exercise

Our bodies are made to move. When we move we can release tension and energy that is stuck within the body. Moving the body also increase awareness of our body as well as emotions. Mind-Body Coaching integrates movement to improve flexibility, relaxation and awareness.

Acknowledging Your Own Spirit
This sounds grander than it is. But all it means is that you have a purpose in your life, something you are aiming for. Having a purpose gives direction and helps us to focus on our values, goals and most of all actions. It’s like a North Star that helps us when we make choices. As part of Mind Body Coaching we explore what the grander vision of your life is.
Mind-Boy Coaching is a comprehensive and holistic approach that empowers you to become not only a healthier but also a happier and more fulfilled you. Leaving you with knowledge and tools to be more empowered and better equipped to not only be healthy and navigate life’s challenges, but to actually thrive.