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Welcome to Your Relaxation Toolbox

We encourage clients to book a hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety session with Stephanie to help with longer term results.

This page has a small collection of recordings to help you to let go of tension and to find some quietness for your mind.

The relaxation gives you a chance to unwind from the day and refresh yourself. Make yourself as comfortable as possible either lying on the floor or on the bed. If you need you can place a small cushion underneath your head and cover yourself with a light blanket.

The video with the 7/11  breath shows you a technique that allows you to very quickly and effectively let go of tension in the body and allows you to feel calmer.

Caution: do not listen to the recording while driving.

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How To Calm Anxiety Quickly

This short 5 min video shows you a quick and easy breathing technique that helps you let go of anxiety and tension in the body.